At Kindred, we are here to empower you to embrace what makes you human. We hold a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for you, and we know that awareness is the first step in the journey.

Ready to unlock your natural strength to live the life you’ve always wanted to? Reach out to us and together we will get started on your journey.


Many of us spend all day thinking about thoughts. These busy brain waves are essential to our lives and aid in decision making, work and day to day logistics. However, if we are only thinking about thoughts we miss out on the opportunity to be active and engaged in our lives. Clinical hypnosis can help us access our intuitive, wise and creative subconscious – to assist in the rebuilding of negative patterns, thoughts and behaviours. Through a personally tailored guided hypnosis session, you can build the skills necessary to shift into a greater place of wellbeing.


Our connections are everything. When one or many relationships in our lives feel  broken or disconnected, our entire world can feel off-balance. Identifying the cracks in the relationship and creating new and better ways to show up for ourselves and others can be a game-changer. Whether through couples sessions or individual work, relationship counselling can help strengthen the fabric of our lives.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety can be a frustrating, paralyzingly and debilitating state to operate from.

Pulling us from the present moment, the anxious mind signals an alarm that convinces us to prepare for threat – resulting in swirling, spiraling worry. The depressed mind can show up as low mood, sadness, lack of motivation, anger and rage. You are not alone in this place – we can help. Through exploration of root causes and strategy development, we can help you find ways to manage the anxiety and/or depression and become a more fully engaged participant in your life.

Spiritual development

Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What am I doing with my time on earth? Many of us will face these questions in our lifetime, and if we do not have a relationship with the spiritual, we may feel at a loss of how to move forward with a grounded sense of purpose. Whether your beliefs are rooted within an organized religion, or your spiritual identity is just emerging, let us come alongside you as you make your spirituality your own.

Deepening sense of self

Who am I? What do I stand for? How do I show up in my life, for myself and in my relationships? Self work is imperative to the maturing of self, and can be confusing to untangle and make sense of. We are here to help you define your values, your boundaries and your wants and needs.

Grief & Loss

To be human to is to experience loss. More often than not we are grieving someone or something – at times we are grieving multiple losses. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a pet, a job or a way of life – grief deserves space and attention. Counselling can greatly impact our ability to move through grief, by feeling and processing the full spectrum of emotions that come with it.


Parenting is a journey – not a destination. The needs of our children remain the same over time but the way they express those needs and get them met will change. Through an attachment-based lens, we support clients in building sustainable, relational bonds in parenting.

Psychedelic integration

Psychedelic and/or plant medicines are known to assist in healing trauma, addiction, alleviating symptoms and identifying root causes of anxiety and depression while creating a deeper sense of self, improved sense of well-being and an ability to stay in the present moment. If psychedelics are part of your healing path, or if they are something you are interested in exploring, both Erin and Amanda are trained in Psychedelic Integration Therapy and can support you in your journey.

We love meeting new people – if you’d like to learn more about who you’ll meet at Kindred, read on.

Hi! I’m Erin.

My first inclination is to share with you that I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a friend; however, these roles are not WHO I am, but simply define what I feel with passion are the most important pieces of our lives – our relationships. It’s fascinating to me that we most often see ourselves through the eyes of those we are connected to. It is with this foundation that I make sense of my life, and the work I do with clients. I believe that our relationships are everything, and that when one or many relationships (including our precious relationship with ourselves!) feel disconnected or lacking, we experience a ripple effect that can have a massive impact on our sense of wellbeing.

My first job was as a camp counsellor at my beloved childhood summer camp in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I was not one of those kids (or young adults!) who knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. All I knew was that whatever I did, it must include a heavy amount of connection with others. In 2005 I received my BA in Psychology from California State University at Chico – where I played lacrosse and enjoyed what I now consider to be the “quintessential American college experience”. Once I graduated, I found myself lost – I had left my small college town, separated from my closest friends and teammates, and was away from my family and all that grounded me. I did NOT feel ready to enter the real world. A substitute teaching job illuminated opportunities for me that I had not considered – counselling! In 2007 I entered a Master of Arts program at Chapman University in Walnut Creek, California and went on to work as a school counsellor. This experience propelled me into working with families, couples, and individuals in a clinical setting, where I uncovered my true passion – relationships.

In my counselling work I pull from a multitude of theoretical frameworks, techniques, and trainings, all contributing to an attachment-based understanding of being human and moving through the world. Nothing inspires me more than when I bear witness to or hear stories of humans taking emotional risks. I know how deeply we each hold our fear of vulnerability, so when I see people push through the discomfort and open their hearts, I know I am witnessing magic! I’d love to meet you where you’re at on your journey.

Outside of my work, I find purpose and joy in spending time with my family, exploring nature, supporting local businesses, and riding my horse, Lola.

Certified Canadian Counsellor
BA Psychology minor in Family Relations – California State University
MA Counselling – Chapman University
The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta #2290


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Hi! I’m Amanda

As humans we are fascinating and inspiring. The way we show up and adapt, creating ways to protect and survive, even before we knew that was what we were doing – we walk, fall, rise, cope, survive, and thrive. We are born with inherent worth – we are precious, loveable, and valuable. For most of us, at some point along the way that gets dulled, lost or forgotten, whether it is because of life or circumstances. I want to help you remember that you were born worthy, with resilience and grit, helping you to unlock your potential to shine bright.

It was never a doubt in my mind that I would end up as a Therapist. Ever since I can remember, I have loved people, asking questions, communicating, connecting, and listening. I am that person on the plane that at the end of the flight knew your whole life story. I have always found it interesting how, as individuals, our reactions to experiences are so unique and different. They mold the way we think, perceive, and respond to our lives. We can have similar experiences, but our response is so uniquely us!

I began my career working with some of North America’s top addiction and recovery experts at The Meadows, a renowned private inpatient treatment facility in Wickenburg, Arizona. I consider it an honour to walk beside my clients in their journey to reclaiming their lives, beliefs, views, way of being. Witnessing them do the really hard things – big and small – and being able to be with them, no matter how far, is what fuels my soul. I love when they see what I see in them and are able to put that into daily practice. I find it a true honour being able to celebrate, acknowledge, and hold space for the smallest and biggest shifts that they are making – their grief and their victories – knowing how hard it is and that they are doing it anyway.

I don’t necessarily think we as people see just how truly amazing and unbelievable we are just for simply being. Not for what we do, produce, create, or have but in the simplest of ways, for showing up and being present. I’d love to walk with you on your journey, wherever it is.

Certified Canadian Counsellor #2800
BA in Communications Studies and Human Relations – University of Iowa
MA Marriage and Family Therapy – Fairfield University
Certificate in Sexual Studies – University of Iowa
Canadian Association for Marriage & Family Therapy #2017480
Certified Gottman Facilitator for Bringing Baby Home
The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta #2171

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